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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where did our name come from?

Medical Defense Society is backed by one of the largest capital providers in the UK who also have substantial American interests. The American spelling of defence reflects this. We felt this would also automatically create a visual difference between Medical Defense Society and the other MDOs. This ‘difference’ embodies both our values and our company distinguishing characteristics. It also fits in with our long-term goals.

Q. Who are we?

We are a group of experienced GPs, along with a team of top lawyers and medico-legal experts who have come together to provide help, support, expert medical and legal advice to General Practitioners (GPs).

We understand the challenges faced by GPs on a day to day basis and can help members reduce risk and respond efficiently to any professional difficulties that arise. Our priority is to provide our members throughout the UK and the Channel Islands, including the Isle of Man, with access to top quality, personalised service at a competitive price.

Q. What kind of cover do we offer?

We provide discretionary indemnity on an occurrence model for our members. In view of this you do not need to have run off cover if you become a member of Medical Defense Society. Members should feel safe that on retirement and/or death, they and their estates will be protected.

Q. Who provides Medical Defense Society insurance?

JLT Speciality Limited (“JLT”) provides insurance advice to and places cover on behalf of Medical Defense Society. Medical Defense Society then has absolute discretion on whether to provide any benefit to a GP member. JLT is an independent insurance intermediary, an accredited Lloyd’s broker and is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority,

Q. How are we different from the well-known MDOs?

The key differences are:

  • We are only for GPs. By only having GPs as our members we can give them a more competitive deal as we don’t have the increased frequency and size of claims compared to our secondary care colleagues.
  • The Medical Defense Society team brings on board a wealth of knowledge combining experience from various disciplines including risk, underwriting and medico-legal experts.
  • Medical Defense Society is responding to a critical need to help fellow GPs with the significant increases in subscriptions pushed through by a range of factors. We passionately believe that more competition in the market can only help GPs.
  • Medical Defense Society enjoys the backing of one of the largest capital providers in the UK and have spent two years in the making having engaged the top financial consultants and experts in medical malpractice.
Q. What is the structure of Medical Defense Society?

We are structured in the same way as the other Medical Defence Organisations. We are a mutual organisation and therefore have no shareholders.  All our profits are reinvested back into the business ensuring our members get the most value out of their membership.

Q. What else can I expect from Medical Defense Society?

On joining Medical Defense Society, members get immediate access to advice from a team of GPs and lawyers who are experts in the legal aspects of medicine. We provide:

  • Professional Medical Indemnity*
  • Specialist legal advice and representation
  • Telephone advisory service, available 24/7 – 365 days a year
  • Information on HR; employment law; various corporate and financial legal matters
  • Training packages, workshops and courses for GPs
  • High quality service for all members

We are here for you – all the way through!